Ferrari Fileteados
Traditional Fileteado porteño, sign painting and lettering
Fileteado porteño is a traditional Argentinean art, which began as simple decoration on the trade carts in the early 20th century and later with time it became a visual identity of Buenos Aires. In 2015 it was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Ferrari Fileteados studio, with more than 20 years of experience, makes hand painted commission works on all types of surfaces: vehicles, glass, objects, murals, blackboards and signs. We also create digital designs and logos.

We perform demonstrations and live painting in special events, produce special corporate gifts and other works upon request.
Each work is unique and personalized,
with a customized development
from a sketch to a final design

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About Gustavo Ferrari
Professional fileteador and sign painter.
Gustavo Ferrari is an artist and historian from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been working as a Fileteador and a signpainter since 2001. In the last decade Gustavo has started showcasing the Fileteado style around the world. He has since done this at Letterheads meets, Tango festivals and various design events in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. He made demonstrations, lectures and workshops in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, Saint Petersburg, Toulouse, Warsaw, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Tokyo.