We do not have set prices, but instead we create a personalized quote for a specific project. We make an estimate based on variety of factors:
  • Size and complexity of design
  • Surfaces to be painted
  • Project location
  • Height of the mural
  • Costs of materials
  • Estimated time to complete
  • Shop windows
  • Hand painted signs
  • Logos & designs
  • Murals
If you are interested in having us work on your project, please send us a description of your idea. Try to be as detailed as possible and please include the following:

  • wording (use exact capitalization and punctuation)
  • size (please state if you would like a special shape cut)
  • material (wood, metal or specific object)
  • whether it is indoors or outdoors
  • color preferences
  • enclose any examples if you have
  • orientation and any other comments or requests.
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